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WordPress Wednesday: Halloween Edition

By: Pete Prestipino | Website Magazine

It’s another edition of Website Magazine’s WordPress Wednesday – and it’s the Halloween edition!

Let’s celebrate by showcasing some “scary” cool plugins – those that should make you freak about your blog’s security, fight zombies like there’s no tomorrow, and all while consuming your weight in cookies and candies.

What’s so scary about these particular plugins? Keep reading below… muahahahahaha!

Detectify for WP: Thinking about your WordPress blog’s security is enough to freak out anyone. The Detectify plugin analyzes the security by simulating a hacker attack to identify website security flaws. The plugin generates a report on the vulnerabilities (a long list actually including local and remote file inclusion, XSS and DOM XSS, cross site agent scripting and more) and the probable consequence of them.

LionScripts IP Address Blocker: Rogues, like zombies, are everywhere – and your only line of defense will likely be to block them entirely. This plugins allows blogs to blocking unwanted or known Spam IP addresses, saving lots of time and bandwidth. The plugin enables users to display predefined messages or a blank page to the blocked user and offers free support.

Cookie OK: You know what’s scary? The EU cookie law. This plugin includes a notification above each page about cookie usage on your site through the CookieOK script by Digital Morphosis. There are numerous other related plugins including Cookie Control which deserve very close inspection as well.

My Pinterest Badge: I don’t know about you, but the mere prospect of my wife logging onto to Pinterest is simply terrifying. The plugin essentially adds a customizable Pinterest badge to any WordPress installation, which shows a widget containing recent pins from your Pinterest account. That last line sent shivers down my spine. If you’re looking for alternatives, check out Website Magazine’s post on 3 Pinterest Plugins for WordPress.

Maintenance Mode Z: The plugin doesn’t offer the best look, but it does bring some scary cool functionality including time-based maintenance controls, and access rules that can be set up by IP and users. Remember, these are new plugins. If you’re looking for something a little more established, check out DP Maintenance Mode Lite – which has over 6,000 downloads.

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