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Roundup: Top Picks For New Year’s Eve Celebrations, Parties And Events In Philadelphia To Ring In 2014


Ring in 2014 with a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration on the waterfront, at a concert or at one of the many, many bars and restaurants hosting festive New Year’s Eve events. (Photos clockwise from top by Matt Stanley for DRWC, G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia, M. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia, G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia)

Who’s ready to party like it’s 2014? If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve by raising a glass of champagne and dancing until the wee hours, we’ve got you covered.

From blowout parties with sweet views of the fireworks to open-bar events at neighborhood bars, we’ve rounded up a slew of New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations for the 21-and-over crowd all taking place on Tuesday, December 31.

To ring in the new year, there will once again be two sets of spectacular free fireworks, one at 6 p.m. and one at midnight. Leading up to the pyrotechnics, celebrate with open bars, live music, buffet snacking and much, much more.

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New Year’s Eve Dinners

For prix-fixe dinner specials…

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