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2014 Musician Website Design Special From Computer Doctors

2014 Musician Website Design Special From Computer Doctors

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Musicians, Bands, Artists, Labels & Managers

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Facebook Tweaks Its News Feed

Just Another Brick in the Wall

Facebook’s news feed is the most important part of one of the key sites on the internet. Almost everyone who has ever owned a computer is able to at least recognise it (particularly as so many other websites have emulated it in so many ways), and most of these people regularly access their own walls and news feeds via their personal Facebook accounts. It’s the private little plot of land in which only content people actually care about filters through to them.

At least, that’s how our news feeds work in theory.

But the company seems to have spent the last few years tarnishing these feeds. Hyperbole? Perhaps, but it cannot be argued that some of the recent Facebook updates have transformed people’s precious, personal spaces into little more than spam. Nowadays, we can’t go two scrolls of a mouse wheel without coming across an inexplicably viral photograph or an auto-playing video of the latest Vine celebrity sneezing – or whatever it is they do that people actually find entertaining.

Our feeds have become yet another spam-hole, and instead of seeing pictures of our smiling, happy family members, we’re becoming inundated with whatever Facebook and its army of sponsors want us…

10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Social Media

social_media_21If you consider yourself a know-it-all social media guru, you’re in for a surprise. Following the rapid evolution of social media analytics tools, industry experts are able to extract lots of new and increasingly detailed information that helps marketers to create more effective social media strategies. There are dozens of research studies being conducted on the subject, some of which you might not even now existed. Here are ten interesting social media facts you probably didn’t know about.

1. That’s right, Facebook is growing

Even though to some markets Facebook is slowly becoming an obsolete social media platform, the global scale shows something completely different. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true – every second 5 new Facebook profiles are created. That’s more than the number of global births!

2. Twitter has 6 different communication networks

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center jointly with the Social Media Research Foundation, analyzed thousands of Twitter conversations and spotted a pattern. There are as many as 6 completely different communication networks at work on Twitter. And we all thought tweeting was such a simple affair.

3. Users love videos more than ever

Even though marketers agree that original videos aren’t…


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